Bryan Trading Co. is a Product Sourcing & Go-to-Market Facilitator. We help start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and corporations of any size develop sellable products, find manufacturers to make those quality products at low costs, and facilitate the delivery of those products to market. In a sense, we connect all the pieces of the supply chain puzzle so you can focus on marketing and sales.To be successful in this economy you have to synchronize your supply chain – ensuring you are bringing to market the right products, at the right price, in the right quantity, at the right time…over and over again. You cannot rely on partners that offer the same products to your competitors at the same or lower prices. You need to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Bryan Trading Co employs product marketing, sourcing, logistics, and distribution professionals to help our customers – retailers and direct buyers – address existing market demands and delivery requirements. We maintain a network of manufacturers who produce quality products on schedule and ready to ship to any destination in the world. We partner with world class carriers to transport products in bulk to consolidation, deconsolidation, & distribution facilities in South China, Australia, New Zealand, Southern California, and the Rocky Mountains. In short, we can deliver the products you or your consumers in the quantity and speed your business demands and at margins you can.

Our company doesn’t promote “get-rich-quick schemes” or multi-level marketing programs. As a small business, we believe in helping people who want to work hard to be successful. We want to help you realize your dream of running your own company with products you can stand behind.

We can assist you in any or all of the sourcing and go-to-market processes:

  • Solidify your product concept
  • Locate Reputable Manufacturer(s) from locations close to home or around the world
  • Begin Sampling and Quality Check Processes
  • Negotiate Volumetric Purchase Orders
  • Establish Timelines for Delivery
  • Create Shipping Documentation
  • Arrange for Transportation of Goods (logistics services)
  • Assist in “Entry Processes” (Customs Clearance)
  • Make products “retail ready”
  • Receive products in a Distribution Center
  • Perform value-added services (eg. Kitting, product bundling, repackaging, stickering, labeling, etc)
  • Receive Sales Orders and Ship Product
  • Provide step by step tracking milestones along w/Inventory Reports (In-Stock, Fast Moving SKU’s, etc)

Corporate Offices

3018 N. Holmes Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
United States

Bryan Trading is your direct sourcing partner for a variety of products in many categories. We can produce your designs, or work with your marketing and product people to come up with custom branded products that are right for you. OEM orders and inquiries are welcome. Our fulfillment, design and marketing department can help you deliver items from conception to production including fulfillment to your end users.

For more information, please email:

We also sell products we carry (in stock) to retailers. You can purchase products online or contact us for volume discounts for large orders